Why GPRota?

GProta is a rota solution created by a team of doctors in UK Primary care in 2014. It was initially intended for personal use. Such was the demand that GProta.net was born. By understanding the needs of primary care we are constantly evolving to remain capable of offering a solution which is right for us and therefore all the practices we serve.

The drive for GProta.net was
created by the lack of suitable alternatives to choose from and lack of cohesive integration for the various tools we needed. Generic based rota software is limited in their capabilities for primary care which employ various clinical staff working many different shifts and session types. Of course, we all work slightly differently so it needed to be flexible and adaptable to our needs. GPRota has been designed from the ground up focusing on the end user in primary care  and we have develop the tools around them.

We are unique in that we listen to the needs of our users who describe problems which can also affect our own practices. One example was multiple site-based Rota.

Our rota solution offers a simple approach which admin staff and doctors can work with. GProta.net offers a transparent view of all sessions to promote fairness among all clinicians and staff. Our live online wall planner provides up-to date booked leave sessions so any practice member can plan ahead, but also allows your organisation to manage accordingly when additional locums may be required.

National Reach

We continue to support practices, hubs, networks and large organisations nationally. We are dedicated to our client's needs irrespective of their size. Our clients continue to inspire us over the years to equip them with the tools they need for today and also the tools to develop for tomorrow.

Our mission statement

We believe in developing all the right organisational and collaborate tools for General Practice to excel and ultimately allow us to provide the best care for all our patients. Our focus is to support general practice and incorporate the organisational tools inclusive for the next generation of trainees. We questioned why we have always done things in certain way in our own practices, these have led to advances using the right technology to find the correct solution to remove complication and provide efficiency savings for the NHS.
Our philosophy is taking one step at a time and using the right tools, in collaboration, we can all go far.

What we stand for

To provide a tailor-made product for general practice and affiliated Hubs and Networks. To offer a product that understands and is inclusive of the ways different practices decide to function. We provide a robust solution that is secure, backed up regularly and one you can rely on.

Why we are different

As GPRota is being used in our own practices, we understand the niche demands of General Practice. Our platform evolves with the changes to General practice to no cost to our clients- we do not charge for additional tools which are inclusive of our product. As we have developed GPRota from the ground up, our focus is purely creating the tools that we understand and work for us. We understand transitioning difficulties and support practices ease their way to a solution they find works for them.
We are not related to any multicorporate organisations, our focus is not our shareholders but the wellbeing of General practice and the NHS.

Why we offer a trial

We want to help you understand what type of solution you are looking for, of course we are there to support you in this process every step of the way. We are fully committed and confident in our product and therefore want you to be sure it is right for you too. Over the years we have developed organisational solution for many practices so feel free to ask questions or for a demo.

Change Management Support

We appreciate change management can be difficult- especially when there is already so much going on. We understand you would want to be sure, be comfortable and understand if this is the right natural step for you and your organisation. We often ask ourselves why we do things a certain way. Is it because it is always done that way or because it was handed over to you this way? You may want to change but decision makers around you are less convinced. It is often that we because comfortable with a certain routine even if we know it could be done more efficiently. We want you to see what you and your organisation are capable of achieving given all the right tools and support.

Supporting the Pandemic cause

During the pandemic we took the decision to support practices and provide use of our GPRota platform cost free for 3months. This decision was taken to help practices with adjustments and organisational changes that we are all having to incorporate.

Our Team

Our core team incorporate GPs, Practice managers, Digital leads and Clinical directors. We are also inclusive of the whole practice team and the primary care network we already serve. Ideas are developed further, and a solution created by GPs is tested in the field of our own practices, hubs and networks. Made by GPs for General Practice. Of course, we also provide dedicated client support.

Dr. Yogasakaran Arjuna
Dr. Kiran Nakrani